"Take the innocence. Free the children from their youth. Make them grow up before their time. Tell them about the uncertainty. Make them fear tomorrow. Give them the nightmares that wake you every night. Pour your soul onto theirs. Just children. They all grow up, they all fall down."

This is my work buddy.

This is my work buddy.


June is Finally Here

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New Reviews on Musique [Machine]


Lurid Hallway - Door Two (BRS): http://www.musiquemachine.com/reviews/reviews_template.php?id=4845

Where is This - Stumbling Lips (IRR): http://www.musiquemachine.com/reviews/reviews_template.php?id=4846

Lurid Hallway’s “Door Two” gets a review.

This is HNW. Neighbor’s Nightshade, Enforced Somnolence. Looking for label to release C40.

Game night.

Game night.

Valentine’s Day song.

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Bad Rip Series is a new sublabel of Ink Runs Recordings

HNW mostly inspired by movies.

Still available:

Gasp - In Hiding - BRS 01 (3 copies left)

Lurid Hallway - Door Two - BRS 02 (last copy !)

The Killer Came From The Bronx - Perspective - BRS 03 (2 copies left)

Each release is 5 euros + 1.85 Europe / 2.50 World

Paypal / Contact inkrunsrecordings-AT-gmail-DOT-com

My HNW project Lurid Hallway is down to its last copy on Ink Runs Recordings. I do have artist copies available for trade.

Must listen.

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